How to Make a Chocolate Text Effect in GIMP

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Create a glowy text in GIMP

Step 1

Create a new file (640×480) and fill it with a dark blue-purple gradient (#130F23 to #241d3a):

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Glow Text Effect in GIMP

Step 1

Start the GIMP application and create a new image with 1024 x 768 pixel. Make sure, that the background is black.

Step 2

Now we will add a light. Use the paintbrush (shortcut [P]) and open up the “brushes” box (shortcut [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [B]) create a new brush, edit it and apply those settings:

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A folded and cut papercraft or scrapbook style heading

Here’s the finished product shown on PhotoshopRoadmap blog site:

Installing the font

First things first, get the Disco Deck font from dafont.

You need to extract the *.TTF file for the font that you wish to use in that archive and put it in the directory


and then restart GIMP. It should now be an available font style.

Starting the image

Now create a blank new image, 600×200 pixels canvas size.

Run a BG->FG gradient over the image from top-right to bottom-left coloured black to white.

Type out the word CRAFT using the installed font. Make sure each letter is a separate layer. I used size 160 font – seems to be about right. Read more of this post

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