Create a Light Text Effect in GIMP

This is a simple tutorial how to create a nice glow light text effect in Gimp and i hope u enjoy it. If u like this tutorial,do leave me some comment. I’ll appreciate it..thanks!

large preview

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a light text effect using border options and some gaussian blur.

Open Gimp and create a new document. For this one i’ll used 1024 x 768.Fill it with black color.

And then create a new layer and i named it as Cloud. Fill it with white. Go to Render>Clouds>Different Clouds. I use 4 for the Detail, Randomize and Tileable. Apply to the layer. Read more of this post


Make a Glow Effect in GIMP

Step 1

Will start off by creating a new image and filling it with a solid Black color. i started off with 420×300 so it fits the sites width. you might want to use your final outcome as a wallpaper so try 1600×1200 then zoom out to 33% to get the a decent few of the whole image.

Step 2

Now will want to create the Lines using the “Path Tool” but first Create a new Layer, name it something like “Middle line” then select the “Path tool” and add one point above the image area and another at the lower bottom, drag the bottom point to the right to get a similar curve as mine.

Step 3

Now we need to create a new thin brush to stroke the path with. go to the Brushes dialog and at the bottom you will see a little “New brush” icon, click on that and enter all the values shown in the image below. once your finished name it and save. Read more of this post

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