Make a Blog Layout in GIMP

Getting Started

Creating this template is very easy, it just needs some patience and a little effort, so what ever you do. don’t give up.Here is the outcome of this tutorial.


Before we jump into this gimp tutorial ill need to remind you that i will only go into details of how to do cretin techniques once and then ill just describe it briefly when ever its repeated so pay attention.

Step 1:

Create a New image at 1024X900 and fill the background image with the color 3f3534 adjusting the zoom rate to %50 as i did might to help you compare your progress with mine.

First thing will do is create the content box’s transparent border. this effect is easy and gives a nice touch to the design.

Step 2:

Make sure you have the “Tools option dialog” on your screen,
then start off by Grabbing the “Rectangle Select tool” now draw a Rectangle at any size and in the “Tool option dialog” adjust the position to 98 and 150 and size to 590×695.

If you did that right you should have something like this.

Step 3:

While the selection is still active, in the “Tool Options” dialog Tick the Rounded Corner Box and change the Radius value to 13.7.

Once your done you can click inside your selection to finalise your changes.

Here is how it should look.

Step 4:

Create a new Layer and name it “Border Main content box”, now fill your selection with Solid White. then change the Opacity to 50.

Now that we have the border set we can create the actual base of the content box with a few simple steps.

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