Create a Eclipse Wallpaper in GIMP

Before we get started, let take a look at final result.

Texture : Here
Ok we have all needed stuff to do this tut

1> Create new image ( i use 1024 x 768 but this depend on you) and fill it with “Black”.
Create new layer and select Blend tool (Gradient tool if you not familiar with Blend ~_^ ) Read more of this post


Full Spectrum Circle Effect in GIMP

ome experiment i did in Inkscape today and i wanna share with all of you guy. I’ll show some easy step how to create the full spectrum circle in Inkscape, and also explain how to polish it in Gimp. Check it out.

Inkscape is a Vector Graphics Editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator, that strives to be SVG Compliant, open source, responsive and extensible.

Below is my result and I’m happy with it.



Light Painting in GIMP

P/S : Click the image for larger view.


P/s: The original Photoshop tutorial can be found HERE.You also can find the Firework and Pixelmator tutorial version too in Abduzeedo site.

1.Open the background can download it from here. Read more of this post

Create a colorfull stream of light with particles in GIMP

  1. 1 1-previewCreate a new image: 1024×1024px. Don’t be afraid – the splash screen will be cropped later
  2. 2 2-previewTo create really varied light and dark parts in the image we’re gonna use a combination of clouds and fractals.tip: Fractals are objects that are repeated in itse Read more of this post

Lighting Effect in GIMP

In this tutorial, I will show you how so improve boring text with some simple lighting. I used GIMP to produce this effect.

Lighting EffectLighting Effect


In this tutorial, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create an awesome motion blur like background with text, all done in GIMP It’s easy to make and looks awesome!

Begin by opening up Gimp –> making a 1600 x 1200 with 300dpi page and its transparency.
Now go Filters–>Render–>Clouds–>Solid Noise

Settings are: Detail:15, X:16, Y:0.1, Turbulent and Randomize Read more of this post

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