Full Spectrum Circle Effect in GIMP

ome experiment i did in Inkscape today and i wanna share with all of you guy. I’ll show some easy step how to create the full spectrum circle in Inkscape, and also explain how to polish it in Gimp. Check it out.

Inkscape is a Vector Graphics Editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator, that strives to be SVG Compliant, open source, responsive and extensible.

Below is my result and I’m happy with it.




Create a cool circle light effect in GIMP

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the image we’ll be creating.

Create a new document in Gimp, I used 800×600 pixels. Then fill the background layer with black.Create a new layer and named it as circle 1. After that select the layer and using the Ellipse Select tool, create a circle in the middle of the canvas.

Now set a radial gradient for the circle. Select blend tool and choose white Read more of this post

Create Cartoon Clouds in GIMP

Step 1: Create a New File

Leave the defaults, 480×680 is fine.

Create a new file

Step 2: Set the background color

I set it to a nice, sky blue gradient: #66aebd to #8fe1f3:

Step 3: Create the Cloud

Select the elliptical select tool and set the following settings. Everything is at its default value, except the mode, which is set to Add: Read more of this post

Create a Sticky Note in GIMP

A simple effect that can look great and will take only minutes to make!

Sticky_NoteSuitable for any Logo!


Begin by opening up Gimp –> make a 1600 x 1200 with 300 DPI page and transparency.

Now grab the paint bucket and fill it black:

Use the Eclipse Tool with “Fixed Aspect Ratio”

Then grab the Create a new Layer “Circle”

Then draw your circle like below:

Use the Paint Bucket With a Gray/White Read more of this post

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