Create a Eclipse Wallpaper in GIMP

Before we get started, let take a look at final result.

Texture : Here
Ok we have all needed stuff to do this tut

1> Create new image ( i use 1024 x 768 but this depend on you) and fill it with “Black”.
Create new layer and select Blend tool (Gradient tool if you not familiar with Blend ~_^ )

Chose : FG to Transparent
Shape : Radial
And change Foreground color to White.
Add a gradient to the layer and set mode to “Screen” Opacity : 40

2> Create new layer re-use Blend tool and its settings.
Creat some gradient from the left corner of the image. Set layer mode : Screen” Opacity : 30

3> Create new layer with Transparency and chose “Ellipse select tool”
Chose : Fixed – Aspect ration if it didn’t selected and use 1:1 for the text box below it

And create a Cycle and fill it with “White” color

This is option. If you want to creat a ecllipse shape on the white cycle. You can creat on the same layer or creat new layer and creat a new eclipse on that layer in front of the white cycle shape. Depend on what you do don’t forget to disable the fixed aspect ration :

5> Now you need to add a new Brush tab if you don’t have one. Click on New brush button (next to the Edit brush on the left) below brush display list to open Brush Editor. Use this input to creat new brush :

Scale the brush to what size you want to creat the light raies. Set Layer mode “Overlay”

4> Creat new layer again. Fill it with “Black”. Go to “Filters” menu –> Noise –> HSV Noise…
Enter at Value about 200 or little more if you want. I use 200.
Use filter Gaussian Blur with 2 for Horizontal and Vertical. Then set layer mode to
Set layer mode to “Screen” Opacity : 40

6> Create new transparency layer and fill it with “White” (or “Black” cause we just need to fill it with Black or White ~_^). Go to “Filter” menu –> Render –> Clouds –> Difference Clouds… and put 4 for “Detail”
Change layer mode to “Hard light”

7> Create new layer and fill with Black. Use Lens Flare.. filter under “Filters” menu –> Light and Shadow and put it to where the meeting point of all your light raies
Set layer mode to “Multiply” Opacity : 70

8> Create new layer fill it with “Black” or “White”. Re-show the Difference Clouds filter. Click at “New seed” and if the detail is not 4. the change to 4.
Set layer mode to “Dodge” Opacity : 80

9> Create orther new layer and do the Difference Clouds again. Remember click “New seed”.
And set layer mode to “Hard light” Opacity : 30

10> Use Text tool and type “Eclipse” on the bottom left corner. Now on the layer tab. Right click and select “Alpha to Selection”.
Creat new transparency layer chose “Select” menu –> Border. Input 3 for make 3 pixels border.
Fill selection with “White”. Re select the text layer. Alpha to Selection again. Select the border text layer. Delete the white on the selection.
Now set opacity of the border text layer to 50, layer mode to “Overlay”.

11> Create new layer and fill it with color (I use color : “5ba0ff”) set layer mode to “Overlay”

12> The final step is here. “File” menu –> Open as Layer (or use shortcut defaut keys is Ctrl + Alt + O) and open the texture file. I use “vintage_grunge_texture 2.jpg”
Use filter Gaussian Blur with 10 for Horizontal and Vertical. Then set layer mode to “Overlay”, Opacity 70


Thanks for reading.Have Fun with GIMP.


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