Zoom Blur Effect in GIMP – GIMP Tutorial

If you don’t have a zoom lens or you’d like to manipulate a certain image in this style then this tutorial for GIMP should help you achieve a similar effect!

https://i1.wp.com/www.images.scottphotographics.com/zoom-lens-blur-effect-tutorial-gimp/zoom-lens-blur-effect-GIMP-tutorial-1.jpgThe final result!


The original photograph:

https://i0.wp.com/www.images.scottphotographics.com/zoom-lens-blur-effect-tutorial-gimp/zoom-lens-blur-effect-GIMP-tutorial-2.jpgThe Original JPEG

Firstly open up GIMP with your image:


  • Duplicate that Layer (call it ‘BLUR‘)
  • On layer Blur -> GO, Filters -> Blur -> Motion Blur:


  • Select Zoom Blur:
  • The Length varies depending on the amount of detail in the photo or what you’d like, but 75 works nicely:
  • This process of blurring might take a while for your computer to finish it!


  • On Blur, right click -> add Alpha Channel:


  • On Blur, right click -> add Layer Mask (White (full opacity)):


  • Grab the Gradient Tool: Only FG (Black), Radial:
  • Now, select  from the centre and move out, as shown below:


  • As you can see, the Layer Mask has revealed the in-focus text from the layer underneath:


  • Remember to Apply Layer Mask:
  • And that is all!



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