How to make see-through text to image in GIMP

A really simple little trick to adding normal text to an image and making it look interesting! This technique can be used for nearly any photograph, however it is a lot easier to see the text with less detailed and contrasty photographs.

how-to-make-see-through-text-to-image-in-gimpSee-Through Text to Image!


1. Starting

  • Open your chosen image in GIMP
  • Now, add a New LayerFill with a colour that matches:
  • I used a Dark Blue: 004754
how-to-make-see-through-text-to-image-in-gimp001.jpgOpen Image, then add a new layer with colour (click to view larger)

2.Adding Text

  • Grab the Text Tool – make a text box,  same size as image
  • Type your ‘text’ in capitals
  • Settings: Font:Franklin Gothic Heavy, Size: ~260px, Justify: Right, Spacing: 0, -90, -20 (roughly)
  • Space out your text best as possible, as shown: Text (click to view larger)

3. Selecting

  • Now on Text layer, go Right Click –> Alpha to Selection
  • Then, go Select –> Grow
  • Set to 1px (outlines are left over if not done) (click to view larger)

4. Deleting

  • Now, delete Text (Edit –> Clear)
  • Then on Colour layer: Press delete again (same selection)
  • You should now have See-Through Text and the Image below! (click to view larger)

5. Adding a Border (optional)

  • You could add a border to define the edges better.
  • Same selections as step 4 and 5, go Select –> Border:
  • Set to ~3px: a Border (click to view larger)

  • Grab the Paint Bucket: FG Black, make sure ‘Fill Whole Selection‘ is checked:
  • Then fill in your selection! Result! (click to view larger)

That’s it :) ! If you get stuck anywhere just comment below!


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