How to make a photograph Lomographic in GIMP

Lomography is most commonly recognised in old film photographs and is used aesthetically in photographs. I will show you a quick process to achieve this ‘Lomo’ effect in GIMP!

The Olgas, Kata Tjuta - Lomo EffectThe Olgas, Kata Tjuta – Lomo Effect


1. Starting

  • Choose your image and open it in GIMP
  • Now go, Colors –> Curves – This is the basis of the Lomo-Effect, these adjustments will change the colours:
  • You click on the Channel tab to change between channels
  • Do ‘S’ curves on all, except the Blue Channel:
  • Value/RGB Channel – ‘S‘ Curve, as shown:
Creating an image Lomographic - Value/RGB Channel 'S' CurveValue/RGB Channel ‘S’ Curve (Click to view larger)

  • RED Channel – ‘S‘ Curve, as shown: Channel – ‘S’ Curve

  • GREEN Channel – ‘S‘ Curve, as shown:
GREEN Channel - 'S' CurveGREEN Channel – ‘S’ Curve

  • BLUE Channel – Opposite ‘S’ Curve, as shown:
BLUE Channel - Opposite Curve, as shownBLUE Channel – Opposite Curve, as shown

2. Duplicate Layer – Gradient Map (B&W) – Overlay

  • Duplicate your layer:
  • Go, Colors –> Map –> Gradient Map (Make sure your Colours are Black and White – Default)
  • Then, set that layer to Overlay at 50% Opacity, as shown:
Duplicate Layer - Gradient Map (B&W) - OverlayDuplicate Layer – Gradient Map (B&W) – Overlay

3. Adding a Border/Vignetting (Optional)

  • Add a New Layer: Border
  • Grab the Gradient/Blend Tool: FG Only Black. Stroke as shown:
  • Set Border Layer to 50% Opacity:
Adding a Border/Vignetting (Optional)Adding a Border/Vignetting (Optional)

That’s It!

Before and After shot:

Before and After - Lomo Effect in GIMPBefore and After – Lomo Effect in GIMP

Here is another example:

Farmer's Union Ice Coffee - Lomo EffectFarmer’s Union Ice Coffee – Lomo Effect

I have modified this for the GIMP, so if you use Photoshop then here is the tutorial tutorial by

If you get stuck anywhere just comment below!


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