Create a Logo in GIMP

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a very simple Logo ideal for “Favicons”. I used GIMP to produce this effect.


Begin by opening up Gimp –> making a 640 x 640 with 300dpi page and its transparency.

Is should look like this:

Now select your colours (mine are black and dark-green) –> then use the Gradient Tool.

You should get a nice gradual coloured “background” like this:

Now think of 2 letters that might be good for your logo (SP=Scott Photographics) –> choose your font(Sans Bold Italics) and colour (white):

Select the Eclipse Tool and put a 1/4 of the circle on your logo:

Then go to Select–>Invert (or Ctrl + I), this will invert your selection.

Now use the Bucket with colour White and make sure the settings are: FG colour Fill, Fill Whole Selection and Opacity ~27.0.

Fill the Selection:

Then Deselect (or Ctrl+Shift+A).

That is all, you now have an awesome Logo with a sense of depth and reflectivity!


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