Create an Abstract Flame Wallpaper in GIMP

In this tutorial we will learn how to use the flame filter to make a simple abstract background. Here are some examples:




1. Create a new canvas. Make the background black by making sure your foreground color on the pallete is black and then go to Edit>Fill With FG Color.


2. Go to Filters>Render>Nature>Flame. Click on the Edit button and select a flame that you like. click on the tab that says ‘camera’ and position the flame near the center of the picture. go back to the ‘rendering’ tab and make brightness about 1.30 contrast about 1.00 gamma about 2.00. These settings can vary quite a bit just try to limit the amount of friz or extra dots out of your flame. Try to make it somewhat just a clean stroke without any extra stuff going on. Leave the other settings alone. Click ok.


3. Duplicate the layer and, with the top layer selected, go to Filters>Edge-Detect>Neon. Here you can make your settings whatever you want, just not too bright.


4. Make that layer mode set to ‘screen’ and merge the layer down. Sometimes, depending on the flame, it looks better without setting the layer mode to screen. its up to you.
*optional* you can choose to skip the part where you merge down and might get a different cool effect.

5. Go to Colors>Color Balance and make it whatever color you want. You could also try making some color with gradients if you know how.


6. *optional* If your abstract doesn’t look complete then you can add a small amount of motion blur.


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