Create a glowy text in GIMP

Step 1

Create a new file (640×480) and fill it with a dark blue-purple gradient (#130F23 to #241d3a):

Step 2

Set your foreground color to a bright blue-purple (#857FFF). Select the Paths tool . Draw out your text using paths:

Create new layer. Edit > Stroke Path:

Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur by 10px.

Create another layer. Edit > Stroke Path again, except set your line width to 1.0 px this time.

Colors > Hue-Saturation:

Merge the two layers with writing into one:

Step 3

Duplicate your layer with writing (I’ve called it “Blur”). Set its blend mode to “Hard Light” at about 30% opacity. Filters > Blur > Motion Blur:

Select the rotate tool and rotate the layer by about 3 degrees.

Duplicate the “Blur” layer and rotate it by about -6 degrees (negative!).

Now, using the Hue-Saturation dialog slightly offset the hues for both of the blur layers. I set one to -13 and one to 53:

Duplicate your initial layer with writing (not blurred). Set it’s opacity to about 40%. Filters > Blur > Motion Blur:

Alright, the main part is done:

But it needs some depth and style!

Step 4: Bokeh

Create three layers above your background layer to add blurry bokeh circles. Set them to Hard light at 5% opacity.

Using the ellipse select tool, draw several different circles on each layer. Hold the Shift key to keep your selections circular.

Fill your circles with different colors that you’ve used (i.e. purple, blue, etc). Give each layer a different gaussian blur to create depth.

Lastly, let’s add a vignette effect. Create a new layer above all the others and set its opacity to 40%.

Using the ellipse select tool, draw a selection over your entire canvas.

Select > Feather at 100px. Select > Invert.

Fill the selection with black.



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