Create a wall signature in GIMP

Hey, I felt like contributing to the community, so I am creating a simple signature for beginners.

Result: Image

First, start with a new project, in my case, most of my sigs are 450 by 150.

Get your background, I chose a brick wall stock. And re-size it to fit the way you like.

Next we fade.

So, create a new layer and take the paintbrush and paint as much as you want to be dark.

This is what you should have:


Next we actually fade the black, staying on the blacked-out layer, go to filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur.

The setting I used for my blur were: Horizontal= 97.0 Vertical= 97.0

Now, it should look similar to this:


Time for the text. I used the font named “MOO”. You can download it at

Make sure the font layer is UNDER The black blur later!!!!!!!! It makes it more realistic.

Now, To make the stain like splatter on the text, right click on your text layer -> at the bottom of the tab, click “Alpha to selection”. Now, create a new layer above the text and choose your favorite splatter brush and splatter some cool brushes, then set the opacity to about around 70% or something that you like. The right click on the splatter layer, and click merge down. Now the splatters should be on the text:


Now, we make the splatter behind the text. Create a new layer BELOW the text.

Click on the text layer and right click -> Alpha to selection.

Then go to Selection -> Grow, I chose 3 pixles. Then, on the layer below the text, take the fill tool and fill in with black. You should get this:


Then go to select -> none.

Now paint some different splatter brushes on the layer behind the text. You should get your final result:



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