Create some Cool splatter wallpapers in GIMP

In This tutorial I will teach you how to create a funky colorful splatter effect.This tutorial involves techniques of simply playing with colors .With this tutorial you will also learn how you can create extremely different effect of the same image by changing its layer mode.

Here is /are the after effects of this tutorial.You will have over 10 cool results ,just by changing the layer’s mode.

Tutorial Result

Here are a few more outcomes of this tutorial

Tutorial Results

Step 1

First download these 2 brush packs and install them.You can see how to install GIMP Brushes for various Operating Systems here.

Step 2

Create a new image of your required dimension.I chose 800 * 600 px for this tutorial.

Step 3

Fill the Background Layer with Solid Black ( #000000 ).

Step 4

Create a new layer,grab the paintbrush tool .Choose from the Splatter Brushes by Hawksmont i.e the first pack and apply it over 7 times with different brushes to get the following effect.Go with your creativity and choose different bright colors.Remember to scale the brushes as per your choice of dimension ( .75 used here )

You may use 7 different colors as follows –

  • #12c32f
  • #ff007e
  • #443501
  • #e59710
  • #0d90b5
  • #871288
  • #fffc0d

Here’s what your image should be simillar to

Splatter brushes HawksMont

Step 6

Change the layer’s opacity to 70%.

Step 7

Change your Foreground color to white ,grab one of the brushes from the second pack and apply them on a new layer.Use the brush number 12 multiple times as it gives a realistic spread effect.(scale of brush used here is 0.5 )

Use the brushes on the whole image as follows –

2nd brush packsClick to View in Full Size!

Step 8

Create a new layer and also a new brush with the following settings

Brush Settings

Step 9

Randomly use all of the 7 colors mentioned in step 4 and paint the whole layer with different color using the paint brush tool.

Step 10

Go to Filters- Blur – Gaussian Blur and apply it with a radius of 50 px.

Step 11

Gaussian Blur - 50 px

Step 12

Our effect is almost done,change the layer’s mode to different types to get different results.

Here are the different results with different layer types


Mode - Multiply


Mode - Divide


Mode - Screen


Mode - Overlay


Mode - Dodge


Mode - Burn

Soft Light

Mode - Soft Light

Grain Extract

Mode - Grain Extract

Grain Extract

Mode - Grain Merge


Mode - Addition


Mode - Substract


Mode - Value

And even many more !

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