Create a Loading bar in GIMP – Part 2, The Animation

Well, lets start!
You may open your bar image again!
And make sure you got one, and only one layer!!


This is eazy to animate!!!
1. duplicate the layer!
2. hold ctrl + shift and press O.
3. set the X value to what you whant, im setting it to 10… you could take more for a fast animation, and less for a slow…
4 press ok
5. REPEAT!!!


For those with a ryhtm inside:
write 10, and copy it!
then press:
Ctrl + Shift + D
Ctrl + Shift + O
Ctrl + V
Alt + F (or what ever it says)

Do this 12 times (if you chose 10 as x value)
and then press filters>animation>playback and enjoy 😀


finished image:



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