Create a Loading bar in GIMP – Part 1, The Bar

Ok, make a new image, it has to be 20 in hight and 20 in width, but you can multiply this with any number. Im gonna go with 100px * 20px..


Zoom to 800%, if you got 100px * 20px
Then go to the bucketfill tool, and select patern fill (Can someone confirm thats what its called in english)
And select the warning patern, and fill the image…


If you just started up gimp, the colors will be black and white, if not, click the little black and white button, then go Colors>map>gradient map


The white is a greyish white, but it will look nice in the end!
Go to the color selecting, and select a BRIGHT color (mine is ff6000) as FG, then select a paler color (mine is ff904d) of that as BG.
Then go to colors>map>gradient map


Then you should have, something like this…


For easy scrolling trough 30-40 layers i always name them 🙂
So name the background, BG or backround… :P
Add a layer and rename it gloss
Then you drag a selection, with the square selection tool, to… +/- the middle.
I took mine to 12px down that will say 2px bellow the middle!
Fill this selection with white…


Next step is to lower the transparency or change blend mode, i set it to normal and 27% transparency.
Click select>none


then your all done… for now!

Final product:



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