Create engraved text with GIMP

Step 1

Create a new image and fill the background layer with Brown 382600, looks allot like chocolate šŸ™‚ .

Gimp tutorial image1

Step 2

Select the Text tool and type in some text, you can use what ever font you wish i chose a free font called Tondo

Gimp tutorial image2

Step 3

Now Right click on the text layer and click on “Alpha to selection”, this should create a selection around our text.

Gimp tutorial image3

Step 4

Select the Background layer to which we will apply the engraved text to, then go to “Filters>Map>Bump Map” and apply the same settings as shown in the screenshot

Gimp tutorial image4

Once you have all the settings right hit OK then deselect the selection by going to “Select None” and finally deleting our no longer needed text layer. that’s it you should be seeing the exact same result as mine. šŸ™‚

Gimp tutorial image5
tutorial grabbed from

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