Create a Grid Like Image in GIMP

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a kinda grid image from scratch. So first of all open up GIMP and then make a new project with the size of your like. I made it the default one for this tutorial which is 640×400. Ok now go to Filters – Render – Clouds – Solid Noise and make is as you want, I just uploaded the image so you can see what settings do I used for this tutorial.

Ok now go to Filters – Blur – Pixelise. Here I would strongly recommend using bigger pixels so it would look good so I will put 20 on both values and hit OK.

If you are going to use this image as a wallpaper or something bigger than the standard size I would recommend you using bigger values.

Ok now your image should look like this:

Now duplicate this layer by going to Layer – Duplicate Layer or by pressing Shift + Ctrl + D. Ok now go to Filters – Edge Detect – Edge and set the settings as I did:

Ok now the duplicated layer should look like this:

Now go to Colours – Colours to Alpha and this should pop up:

Now click on that white box and select the black color .

Then click OK and then OK again.

Now go to Filters – Light and Shadow – Drop Shadow and use the following settings:

Now duplicate this drop shadow layer to make it more intense.

Ok now we are going to make it more colourfull, so select the background layer and go to Colours – Colourise and play with the colors than click OK. And that’s it. Thanks for reading and down there is a download link with a .psd file for this project. So thank you and please subscribe to my rss. Bye.


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