Make a software box in GIMP

1) Open Gimp. Create a new image with a white background, that is 400px by 550px.

2) First, we need to make the boxes face that will be in the front for all to see. Create a new transparent layer. Name it front base. Select the Rectangle Selection tool and create a box that is about 260 by 340 pixels. Using the Paintbucket tool, fill your selection with whatever the base color of your box will be. I am making a Firefox software box so my base color will be blue. You should have something like this:

3) Now, using the perspective tool, we will change the perspective of the front of the box so it appears as if we are viewing it from an angle. Just mess around with the box until you find something similar to mine:

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Make a CD Case in GIMP

1) Create a 550×550 image with a white background. Create a new layer and make a rectangular selection that is a about 400×400 pixels.

2) Give the selection a background color, so we can see the base of the case. Right click on the layer, Alpha to Selection. Copy and paste. Press the new layer button so the rectangle is on it’s own layer that is equal to it’s size. You can delete the other copied layer.

3) Now decorate the newest layer to your liking so it looks like a CD case cover. Here’s mine:

4) Now, we will add some rotation to it. Rotate it to your liking with the Rotate tool. I rotated mine to appear tilted upward. Now duplicate the layer. Right click, alpha to selection on the duplicated layer. Fill the duplicated layer with a dark color that matches your color scheme. Put the dark layer behind the designed layer and move it to where it appears to “shadow” the designed layer, or gives it depth.

5) Now we will make the CD that goes inside it. Create a new layer. Use the ellipse tool and make selection of a bout 390×390 pixels. Fill it with a light gray. Duplicate the layer and right click, alpha to selection. Fill the selection with a dark gray. Make the darker layer shadow the lighter layer like we did with the box.

6) With the lighter layer on the CD selected, go to Filters -> Light and Shadow -> Lighting Effects. Play around with the light until you get something like mine.

7) Merge the two CD layers. Move the CD layer between the front designed part of the case and the back part. Position it like mine. Merge the layers. Read more of this post

Make a letter in GIMP

Step 1

Is to create an image, i used ‘1600px X 1200px’.

Then get the Gradient tool and set the Shape —> Radial, then use the Gradient tool to make the ‘Background’ Layer look like this with the Foreground Color set to #461b00 & the Background Color set to #311300

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be a little off. Just try and get something like this.


Step 2

Is to create a new layer name it ‘texture 1’, then get This Image Here and go to ‘Colors —> Desaturate —> Lightness’, after that set the ‘Layer Opacity to 70%’. Read more of this post

A folded and cut papercraft or scrapbook style heading

Here’s the finished product shown on PhotoshopRoadmap blog site:

Installing the font

First things first, get the Disco Deck font from dafont.

You need to extract the *.TTF file for the font that you wish to use in that archive and put it in the directory


and then restart GIMP. It should now be an available font style.

Starting the image

Now create a blank new image, 600×200 pixels canvas size.

Run a BG->FG gradient over the image from top-right to bottom-left coloured black to white.

Type out the word CRAFT using the installed font. Make sure each letter is a separate layer. I used size 160 font – seems to be about right. Read more of this post

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